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We've learned to Rap it, you'll Rap to learn it, that to be friends, you have to make amends!
To make amends means that if you've done something bad to a friend, or said something that hurts, you must be able to  correct your error and say sorry. So watch the CM2's video and Rap along with them!


We hated each other

Since we were kids

You were a big bully

And it hurt me so bad

You broke my heart

How did it feel?


Like a female cat

Eating a small rat

Couldn’t you see?

The pain in me?



We’ve learned to rap it

You’ll rap to learn it

That to be friends

You have to make amends.


My friends left me out

And no one could doubt

 That I was the bully

And I am so sorry.

How couldn’t I see

The pain around me

I do regret so

That it got so low


So my dear friend

Let’s just make amends

And join in the game

You won’t be to blame

Come here, don’t shout

I know what it’s all about

Sticks and stones

May break my bones

Nasty words will only hurt.


Come, don’t be afraid

Remember when we two played

We too can have fun

In the big shinning sun


You can be with me

With me you are free

Just stop that bullying

Be nice when you’re ruling


Just say nice things

Or don’t say a thing

I am who I am

I don’t give a damn

When you’ve got a friend

You can depend

On the world all around

To smile a pound


Bullies just stop it

Your mistake is bullying

You hurt people’s feelings

So just stop bullying!


Everybody thought I was bad

And I felt very mad

Now I’m better

I wasn’t so clever!


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